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Can you sue your employer for Covid-19 exposure in Hawaii?

COVID-19 has caused serious injuries and death for the people of Hawaii. Sadly, many of these patients are our frontline heroes who contract the disease while on the job, working hard to keep the people of Hawaii safe and healthy during this pandemic. If you are exposed to the coronavirus at work, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer.

Hawaii Healthcare Employees

Many healthcare workers caring for patients with the coronavirus will face an increased risk of being exposed themselves. COVID-19 hospital units are not the only healthcare facilities that pose a risk.  It could be Urgent Care facilities, Rehab Hospitals, walk- in facilities or emergency departments that will expose workers to any viruses patients bring into the facility.

Hawaii Psychiatric Facility Employees

In these facilities you have many patients that are within a small space.  These patients are usually allowed to roam freely within the facility, causing a health hazard for employees.  In these facilities personal protective equipment are usually limited, which increases the chance of exposure.

Prison Guards

These facilities are in confined spaces and this exposes staff members to an increased risk of Covid-19.  Often times security risk doesn’t allow staff to wear proper personal protective equipment, which increases the chance of exposure.  Often times infected inmates are not able to be separated from healthy inmates, which increases the transmission to both other inmates and staff members.

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